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Brainwave: Who can access the Student and Teacher Websites?
Posted by Miranda S on 27 June 2012 11:35 AM

Brainwave has a website for students (www.macmillanbrainwave.com/student) and a website for teachers (www.macmillanyounglearners.com/brainwave). You don’t need to remember these long URLs, just go to www.macmillanbrainwave.com and you will find links there to the student and teacher websites.

You need to register to access the content in these websites.

Students and parents can register at the Student Website with the Access Code printed on the inside front cover of their Brainwave Student Book.

Teachers can register either at the Student Website or at the Teacher Website, using the Access Code printed on the inside front cover of their Brainwave Teacher Book.

The Student Website has resources for students, such as the Homework Zone and Audio sections; for parents, the Student Website features the Parent Zone, which includes Home Study Tips, parent FAQs and access to the Gradebook to see all the activity scores.

Teachers also have access to the Student Website. They can simply log in with the same username and password they use for the Teacher Website. They’ll have access to all six levels of Brainwave and can see exactly what the students see, except when they go to the Gradebook. When viewing the Gradebook it will be the teacher’s version, with access to the scores for all their students organized in different classes.

The Teacher Website has useful resources for teachers such as a Teacher Development Program, a Transition Pack, assessment tools and preparation materials and more. 

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